About Us

Graylite Dance offers a range of fun filled after school clubs in various primary schools in London. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to get any child involved whether they have or have not danced before. 

Allowing children to be expressive and confident is one of our main goals and the fact we do this all whilst keeping them fit is a plus!


After School Clubs

Our clubs are full of energy and are super fun for all children! If you would like one of the clubs listed below in your school then get in touch!

Street Dance

Learn fun routines to your favourite songs whilst keeping fit!


Learn the fundamental steps of ballet and learn routines!

Musical Theatre

Enjoy singing, dancing & acting? Well get to do all three in our musical theatre club!


Lockdown Lessons

Due to Covid-19, sadly our current after school clubs are no longer running. At Graylite Dance we really believe in the well being and fitness of children. This is why we started 'Lockdown Lessons', which offers FREE online dance classes for all children. We have released 10 lessons on our youtube channel that the children can go and learn at any time. We hope that as many children as possible get involved!


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